Tai Chi is a sequence of soft, controlled movements, accompanied by rhythmic breathing. It is done in a beautifully elegant and graceful manner. The effect of this is deeply relaxing, and yet, all the areas of the mind and body are stimulated. 

Some of the General Benefits of Tai Chi: 
- Low-impact, weight-bearing exercise  
- Improves physical conditioning, muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility  
- Improves balance and decreases the risk of falls 
- Eases pain and stiffness 
- Reduces mental stress  
- Great for overall wellness

Where can you learn?
Classes are taught on-site, either at a student's home or nearby outdoor location, in the Riverside South and Barrhaven area.
Yang Sheng Tai Chi offers individualized instruction of the three main Yang Style forms, the Short Form (24), the Sword Form (56) and the Long Form (108). Seated Tai Chi and Modified Standing Tai Chi classes are available for the non-ambulatory, convalescing or other special needs students.

Each student also receives specific instruction covering a variety of topics such as, Qi Gong, Mindfullness Meditation, Tuina and other Daoist Healing Arts based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Tai Chi Syllabus
The Short Form (24) 
Through this form, a practitioner not only learns to marry thought with movement, one of the main goals of Tai Chi, they also begin to receive the physical benefits of increased strength, endurance and stability and the mental benefits of learning to calm the mind and heal the spirit from "the slings and arrows" of Life. 

This form takes around 12 weeks to learn.

The Sword Form (56) 
This form expands the area of focus from the tip of the hand, in open hand forms, to the tip of the sword. It requires much more concentration and dexterity to place the tip of the sword exactly on point, at the end of each posture.

One should plan for around 14 - 16 weeks. If you have no prior experience, it may take longer.

The Long Form (108) 
"This form has been studied for hundreds of years an no one has seen it's end." Master Kwei 
This is the original Yang Family form from which all of the shortened variations grew out of, like the 24, 16 or 10 Posture Forms. Describing it in a couple of paragraphs is difficult because the study of this form will last you a lifetime. 
To learn this form requires a serious commitment of time. It will take a student up to one year to learn this form, depending on previous experience and dedication. 

You will spend a lifetime practicing and perfecting this form. This is a good thing.
"The Long Form is a book with no ending." Gaëtan Diotte

Seated Tai Chi and Modified Standing Tai Chi classes are available for the non-ambulatory, convalescing or other special needs students.
Classes are offered in Riverside South and Barrhaven area from late May to October. 
Individual and very small group classes are offered for Beginner and Intermediate levels of instruction. The classes are a minimum of one hour in length, depending on the needs of the student(s). The first class is free, so that you may find out if Tai Chi is the exercise for you. 

Individual Advanced classes are  available, upon request.
Class Times: Classes can be scheduled any time between the following hours; 
Day Time: 1 hr class with a start time between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday to Friday : excluding Wednesday.  
Evenings: 1 hr class with a start time between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. Monday to Friday : excluding Wednesday.  
"The study of Tai Chi is a very personal journey consisting of you, the Forms and the Universe."
BEGINNER: This is for the student who has no experience learning sequences of movements, such as dance, gymnastics or martial arts. It is recommended that one learns the Short Form first.

INTERMEDIATE: Typically, this is for the student who has learned a Tai Chi form and wishes to learn the Sword Form or the Long Form. This is also for those who want to deepen their understanding of the Short Form.

ADVANCED: This is for the student who has practiced Tai Chi for many years and desires to explore the intergration of Chinese Medicine and Daoist philosophy into their study of Tai Chi.

Mr. Gaëtan Diotte, an Honours graduate of Traditiional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture), is a 6th generation teacher and has been practicing and teaching Tai Chi, in Ottawa/Hull area, for over 30 years. 

Currently, he is teaching Tai Chi and Qi Gong to the Acupuncture students of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Program (TCM) at the International Academy of Health, in Ottawa. 

 Gaëtan's Tai Chi Master was Marshal Kwei. It was through Marshal's kindness and patience that Gaëtan learned the art of Tai Chi. Along the way, he spent 5 years studying Goju Karate with Sensei Cass and later on spent 4 years learning additional Qi Gong and Tuina with Sifu Kim. 

Today, Gaëtan only teaches individual students and very small group classes. He also teaches Advanced classes to select students at his home. 
Certified Instructors (Graduates)
Ms. Jessica M. Wilson, is one of those select students. In August of 2009, Ms. Wilson received her certification as a teacher of this lineage of Yang Style Tai Chi. She is currently in Chicago.
Mr. David Wieland, is another. In November of 2011, Mr. Wieland was presented with his certification as a teacher of this lineage of Yang Style Tai Chi. 
Lineage of this branch of Yang Style 
Founder Yang Fu Kui (Lu-Chan) 
2nd Generation Yang Jian (Jian Hou, Chien Hou ) third son 
3rd Generation Yang Zhang Qing , (Sau Chin,Yang Cheng-Fu), third son 
4th Generation Wu Kuei-Ching: Shanghai 
5th Generation Kwei, Marshal: Shanghai, Ottawa 
6th Generation Diotte, Gaëtan: Ottawa 
7th Generation Wilson, Jessica: Chicago : Wieland, David, Ottawa

Over these many years, I have had the privilege of teaching hundreds of students from all across Canada, the United States of America and Europe. These students were not only martial artists, studying to improve their understanding of their particular art, but came from all walks of life; chefs, professors, white and blue collar, teachers, stay-at-home parents and everyday students. Each and everyone of these people were a pleasure to meet, teach and to learn from.  
Gaëtan Diotte
养生  Yang Sheng
Tai Chi is but one part of a continuum of the
Healing Arts based on Traditional Chinese  Medicine.

Yang Sheng (养生) is the Daoist philosophy of nurturing and cultivation of one's life energy. This philosophy covers a continuum of physical and mental practices that aim to maintain harmony between one's mind and body and to improve and enhance the conditions for health. This includes, but is not limited to, practices such as Tai Chi, Daoyin, Qigong, Breath Work and Meditation.

Included in all of the Tai Chi classes are student specific discussions covering Qi Gong, Breath-Work, Mindfullness Meditation, Tuina, Acupressure and other applicable Daoist Healing Arts. These topics are also offered as stand alone classes.
Classes are offered in Riverside South and Barrhaven area from late May to  October. 
If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us at:


Thank you for your consideration,
Gaëtan Diotte